Shipping policy

Customers can choose to pick up or deliver via SF Express, free shipping for purchases over $300

The delivery time is generally 1-3 working days after confirming the order

1. The address and point code of SF Express Station/SF Service Point/Service Center must be clearly filled in
2. Customers who use SF Express's pick-up service must fill in their mobile phone number to receive a notification message containing the pick-up information, so that the pick-up can be carried out smoothly.
3. When the customer picks up the package at the SF Express station or service center, he must check the recipient's information before picking up the package.
4. Customers are required to pick up the shipment at the service outlet within 3 days after sending the pickup notification message. Overdue shipments will be collected by SF Express. Customers please call the customer service hotline to reschedule pickup.